What if ? ūüĖľ


What if perfection is a lie,
What if you can’t see yourself clearly,
What if everything you hold on to so tight is an illusion,
What if everything that exist is an idea from you imagination,
What if who you’re is an energy in the midst of empty space?…



Tell me

InShot_20200214_014947397I’m born in a society of people who were told they’re not worthy of love, who were told that being themselves is wrong or flawed, that in order to survive they must put on a tough exterior and that nobody must find out what’s underneath it, not even themselves.

Eventually I learned that there’s power, a power in being vulnerable. A power in not trying to survive, that not until we are lost do we begin to understand ūüŹĚ


The battle between evil and good.


Sometimes I wonder how some hearts can be so cruel and some hearts can be so fragile? ..but now I know that the cruel hearts are in service to the fragile hearts and fragile hearts are in service to the cruel ones. Exactly as the darkness helps the light to shine, the light helps the darkness to stand out. The opposite nature of things are necessary for the survival of all things.


Everything is meant to compliment the other and grow until the point of transformation. This’s the reason why both good and evil exist and why they must exist. It’s what allow the flow of life, without such opposite forces nothing will have meaning. Nothing will be seen or given the chance to transform. So dear reader, don’t hate the evil that exists in the universe, instead be grateful. It is thanks to this evil that you are able to grow.


Beyond the eyes


Everything so called “thing” can be called an event, because the motion of things (energy living) are events that are inseparable from the universe and time is only a matter of definition. We who give the definition to a begging and end of something, because really all we see is limited. The moment we can see something we think it exists right now, while in reality it have been existing all along.


The reason behind our ignorance about the unseen is that we don’t and can’t see everything as inseparable of everything. We see only bits and pieces at a time and believe that what we witnessed right now is separated from what we witnessed yesterday and what we will witness tomorrow.


Personalthy I think the idea of cause and effect is absurd. The nature of the universe is wholeness, everything exists with the absence of another. Both nothingness and something exists together with harmony to one another, in sequence to create motion or what we so call a series of events.


Why you need to understand the theory of omniverse.



The theory of paralle universes is also called omniverse, is a hypothetical group of multiple universes including the universe in which we live in. Together these universes comprise everything that exists. If so is true, then the universe consist of multiple parallel realities, each reality represent a possibility. Your present choice is what determin your reality.  


change your destiny by just choosing between the possibilities.

I believe destiny is made up of two parts; one that is under your control and a part that’s controlled by God/Universe/karma whatever you call it,¬†the creator of these¬†universes¬†.


Let us take an example, imagine Tom walking down the street and happen to see an ice cream shop. The fact that Tom reached such destination is a blessing from God/ tom’s destiny. ¬†However, Tom’s control is to choose whether to take this opportunity or not. Until Tom make up his mind, there exist countless possibilities. Like him buying an ice cream, him not buying an ice, him buying a shake instead, him only using the bathroom or walking away from the ice cream shop…etc. Each of Tom’s possibilities is represented in a future parallel reality. Once Tom make up his mind, he will experience the chosen reality.


What’s crucial to understand is that if Tom have choosen not to eat an ice cream someone else will eat his ice cream. His opportunity will become someone else’s reality, if he didn’t choose it. This applies on everything in life. If you don’t accept the money, the money will go to someone else. If you don’t eat the food, it will get eaten by someone else and so on… This’s the law of life, to every giver there’s a receiver. You have multiple possibilities, but only one opportunity.¬† So it’s either you choose to give and there will be a receiver or you take in place of those who gave away their opportunity. Another way to think about it is¬†to every present there’s the absence of it.

The motion of the universe.

The Cat's Eye Nebula

Everything in the universe is energy including yourself,¬†Energy is immortal. “Energy can neither be created nor destroyed; energy can only be transferred or changed from one form to another” using this definition we can understand the way in which the universe moves…

Let’s have a look at time, it tends to be moving in a circle and repeating itself again and again. Everything inside time is also moving in a circle, each particle of water in a wave moves¬†in a¬†circle, for every new moon a complete circle must accrue, the wind, the planets , the galaxy…etc. ¬†All the small circles are in serves to the life cycle. Therefore, time would be the outer circle that contains life.


But is time dependent on life? Absolutely not. Time will go on even if there’s no life. It’s just an infinit motion by it’s own.


Then where would the human cycle stand ? The human cycle can be described as a one big moving circle. Found outside of time and life. Indeed it consist both life and time, yet dependent on it’s own. I said “moving ” because a human life have an independent motion, every year and every day is a completion of the human age. However, after the physical body of the human being dies, the human true form stays. ¬†A soul is infinitely existing even after the death of the physical body. The physical body life spam motion have a speed and this’s why i mentioned “moving” instead of just “A circle”.¬† On the other hand, the soul life spam moves quit slowly, it’s unaffected by time.


DEATH IS NOT THE END, IT’S JUST THE BEGINNING.¬†Nature will dance in circles to remind you that you’re life is a moving cycle ruled by Time, that is by itself an endless loop repeating over and over again.

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