How to over come depression & all mental illnesses 😁🙋‍♀️



You can’t control what happen outside of you but you can control what happens inside of you. In other words You can’t control the event, but you can control how you react to the it.

You’re reaction controls the event, it’s the factor that determine the out come. After the event / situation have manifested itself. Your reaction is the finishing touch. The book exist and You’re the editor.
Just enjoy reading the book with neutral perspective. No judgment. Exactly how Shakespeare said ” NOTHING IS GOOD OR BAD BUT THINKING MAKES IT SO ” .
This is the absolute life reality. No situation is either good or bad. Instead our thoughts are what define the situation. When you start perceiving things from a neutral perspective you will realise the sense of ease. Simply because you’re accepting the situation as it is, which allows the energy to flow. There’re no resistance or negativity. It’s such a blessing of inner peace. Furthermore, neutrality is obtained with a very high vibration, (a high level of consciousness). Thus you can’t effortlessly achieve a neutral mentality.  Yet you can practice neutrality by being aware of your judgement.

Catch yourself when you judge a situation as good or bad. Then ask yourself the reason behind your judgement. At this moment it will become clearer to you, that it’s your mind and not the reality of the situation. Now! try to look at the situation from a neutral eye; to do so you must search for the good and the bad. Once the two possibilities are present in a situation you’re basically tricking you mind into opening a door of CHOICE. Your mind can no longer play the victim mentality. But you’re now in control and freedom of choice. You can either choose to react positively or negatively.

Do you have a miserable job?? …Read this. 👠👔🕛


My sister have spent her entire life hanging from one job to another. In every job she repeated the same phrase ” I’m not happy ” . My sister wasn’t a slave to the system. She had courage to stand up for herself.  She did so when she found herself unhappy with a certain job. But she couldn’t quit the old fashioned mentality! She was like any human, looking for happiness & success. She was someone who believed happiness & success exist with a common job, especially in a super developed city. My sister failed to realise what she’s looking for is in fact easy to achieve; and it’s found with in .
“DON’T ASK YOURSELF WHAT YOU CAN GIVE TO THE WORLD, ASK WHAT MAKES YOU ALIVE .”  This’s one of my favourite quotes plus the reason for my sister’s dissatisfaction. Non of the positions she obtained were fulfilling her, simply because she wasn’t living her life mission.                                                              We’re all born with a gift. A gift that’s suppose to be used for the service of others. Everybody’s gift is different and personally secured. However, in order to find what your gift is; you must discover who you are not. When you know who you are not , who you are will become clearer.

Note : Don’t confuse your gift with passion or interests! One of the common mistakes nowadays is that people have too many interests. So they run around trying to do everything. While you can only get excellent at one thing, Which is your gift.




But How do I find my gift / purpose in life faster?

A wise man once told me to welcome all experiences, and go through them UNTIL THE END. Finish them ! … This was back then when I had the habit of jumping around from one thing to the next.
The more you experience the better you know what not to do, which later guide you to your purpose. Dont take failing in something too seriouse. You’re not worthless! Your failure is for two reasons, either the thing you failed in is not meant for you ( not your purpose) or it is your purpose in life but you’re on the road of learning. EMBRACE AND LOVE EVERY FAILURE, BECAUSE THEY’RE FORWARD STEPS TO SUCCESS .

You will know your purpose. Be patient.        I’m confidently saying this because it’s within you; Your truth and all you need is within you.  There’s nothing easier to find than what is already inside you. Follow your got feeling , also what I said earlier about feeling alive. Then add to the equation “How can I serve others ” . Anddddd booom!! There you have it. The first thought is the answer. Now put it into experience & see what happens.

Are you a winner or a loser ?🌌👣👁


People talk about “winning” and “losing” .
But winning what ?? Money? is this really what life is about? Is losing really a loss? …Life is nothing but different levels of consciousness for everyone. There’re no WINNERS or LOSERS. we’re in this together. We’re one. Inferiority and superiority are creation of the ego, not the human reality.🌌👣👁

The problem with a winner loser mindset is that it defines you with a worldly achievement. Everything that arises dies. This’s the nature of life. Every new life cycle require an ending of another cycle. In order to have an UP there must be a DOWN. However, getting attached to the UP through self definition; is basically allowing yourself to go DOWN with that UP. Because it will eventually go down.

Don’t chase things or people! The state of  absolute power comes when you’re CONNECTED TO EVERYTHING AND ATTACHED TO NOTHING . I kid you not when I stopped needing and chasing things what’s when everything came to me . LETTING GO OF ALL THINGS , ATTRACT EVERYTHING. – law of attraction.

If you got separated from your twin flame, read this !💞

I was right for thinking that I can control the majority of things . I successfully did control my thoughts, energy , emotion, desires, body and situations. The only thing I couldn’t control was LOVE. The crazy love that steals your heart without permission and fades away, and I’m not talking about a “crush” or affection. I’m talking about the of a twin flame. The love that over come gravity. This kind of love is pure and beyond all forces. Thus a twin flame physical separation is not a separation! NOTHING REAL IS EVER LOST, AND NOTHING THAT IS LOST WAS EVER REAL.

You don’t lose your twin flame. Because he/ she is YOU. When I got separated from my twin flame. I realised that he was inside me all along. He’s a part of me . Which makes it a harder to forget. But you don’t have to forget!! You need to accept the reality. Acceptance is the key to energy flow. As long as you’re holding resistance or any negative behaviour your blocking the cycle of life from moving forward. This blockage can case you illness.

Furthermore, when you accept everything and let it be just the way it is. Things will come to you. New opportunity. new experience… wiser YOU. However, keep at the bottom of your mind that if something is DESTINED for you it’s going to come to you, and will never in million years can be taken by someone else.


Basically you didn’t love and lost. You loved and learned … and still loving. The separation of your twin flame is nothing but a plane of god to help both you and your twin flame to grow to the best version of yourself. So trust god. Let the universe do it’s thing while you appreciate the blessing of life . ❤r2oogw5l.gif


Can I fix you ? 🌫


Everywhere I went  I found broken pieces of beautiful hearts. So I tried to become the key to EVERY door. But is it possible? Can one free all?

I know the power within me is far beyond the limits. “It seems like a hard task ” my inner doubt whisper,  As I became more desperate for the mission.

Book after book, I thought i was ready! I took every shot that life grant me.  However, the results didn’t satisfy me …

Finally on a cold night. I realised that one does free all. But it can’t be me or you.  It must be the one above us ALL.

What is love ?


Love is a positive attracting energy. If you give love you’re not going to only receive love in return, but you will receive peace, fulfilment and happiness too.
Because of the positive nature of love it attracts other positive energies that aline with it. Whenever love is in the formula other good energies follow .
Why love remain while everything else vanish through time ?

It’s because love have to do with our state of being. Have you heard the phrase “God is love ” it’s drived from the feeling of oneness; that love gives. We’re one with the universe. This’s the human natural state ( our truth). Love is an energy that guide to the state of oneness. It’s a power that connect souls and gather hearts.

Love is so POWERFUL because of it’s permenent effect. Once you receive or give the energy of love you feel a deep peace , beauty and stillness. Basically you get enlightened. You shift back to the conscious state. In connection with your true self.
At a small village in Africa a rule of love is found. Which is; when someone does something wrong or commit a crime. The entire village gather with the criminal at the center and They begin to mention all the good things he have done. Seeking to bring him back to his good self.
It’s fascinating how they’re aware of the power of love. More importantly they understand that the human is born pure. By simply connecting him back to his natural state all his impurities will fall of.