What is love ?


Love is a positive attracting energy. If you give love you’re not going to only receive love in return, but you will receive peace,¬†fulfilment and happiness too.¬† Energys of the same frequently flow togerher.¬†When you transmit love it will attract other positive energies that align with it.


Why love remain while everything else vanish through time ?¬†It’s because love have to do with our state of being.¬† Have you heard of¬† “GOD IS LOVE “. it’s derived from the feeling of oneness ( that love gives). We’re one with the universe, it’s the human truth.¬† Love is an energy that guide to the state of oneness.¬† It’s a power that connect souls and gather hearts.


Love is so POWERFUL because of it’s permenent effect on being. Once you receive or give the energy of love you will feel a deep sense of peace, beauty and stillness. Basically you’ll get enlightened. Your state of consciousness will shift to a very high level (where love is), thus you’ll become very alert. ¬†At a small village in Africa a rule of love is found. When someone does something wrong or commit a crime. The entire village gather with the criminal at the center and They begin to mention all the good things he/ she have done. Aiming to bring the criminal back to his good self. ¬†It’s fascinating how they’re aware of the power of love. They understand that the human is born pure and By simply connecting him back to his natural state, all his impurities will fall off.


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