The right way of parenting ūüĎ™


For any parent their mindset shift from “ free” to “responsible ” after having a child.¬† As if a heavy weight have dropped on their shoulders. The ego find this an opportunity to grow! It fools the parent¬†into defining themselves with a¬†parenting role.¬† Thus a mother will play the mother role on her child and gets extremely angry if her child doesn’t follow along.¬† It’s not just a role to her! it’s her identity, who she think she is.¬†Obviously this creates a lot of trouble in a family dynamic. Parents cling on their child’s freedom, emotionally abusing and criticising, all under the role of “parents“.¬† Unfortunately, such madness will cause serious damage in a child’s personality, for example the inability to become irresponsible or decisive. In some severe conditions the child might never recover from playing¬† the role of a ” child “.



Parents! I understand the¬†profound love you’ve for your children. Yet true love can never be expressed through the ego. The ego always seek conflicts to validate itself ¬†and the role of a parent is nothing more than a tool for the ego to stay alive. Furthermore, the superior parent role creates a boundary between the child and the parent, any relationship that include the ego is inauthentic.

If you really love your child and is concerned about him/ her, ask yourself these questions every time you catch yourself playing the Parent role.


1.  Did I like it when my parents did ( your reaction to the situation) this to me ?

2.  Is their a better way I can deliver my message ?

3. ¬†Who is the better teacher experience or what I’m going to say right now ?

4. ¬†What’s the worst case scenario of this situation ?

5.  Is my actions and words showing love or the otherwise?

6. ¬†Do i really want my child to become the best? And is the “best” other than himself ?



You can still be a parent without playing the role of a parent!¬†Give your child love, give them care & knowledge but through friendship; become their life supportive companion and not a superior parent. The best thing you can do is to be yourself, Be real because only real things can influence others. Let life teach them! yes, I understand you don’t want your child to do the same mistakes you’ve done. But let’s be real; did you learn through experience or words ? Don’t forget that your experience made you into who you are today. ¬†So please! give your child SPACE…Let them be, experience and grow.¬† SPACE is truly the most thing they need.

Let go of your attachment Now! for the sake of your children.

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