Take a shower and your depression will go away. I’m serious! As silly as it sounds it’s true. Depression is caused by external factors of negative energy. It always begin outside then slowly triggers a certain emotion. The emotion grows as you give it attention and in no time it awakens the pain in your heart (unhealed wounds), thus become your state of being. what we often call a “MOOD”.


There was a time when I got so busy with work and decided to put my selfcare as the last priority.  so I didn’t shower for 2 contentious days! GROSS I KNOW.  But the lesson I learned from this experiment was big. I recognised the dramatic mood swing i experienced and that when showering you’re not only cleaning your body from dirt, but you’re cleansing your energy too. Our aunt sisters understood that water is the key to life. They referred to water as a cleansing tool for both the body and soul. They use to do SPIRITUAL SHOWERS; Where you perform a normal shower but while pouring water on your body you visualise the negative energy falling off you with the water, as if the water is stripping away the negative energy from your body.


The danger of not showing regularly goes beyond the spiritual and psychological aspects. When you don’t shower your skin PH becomes disturbed. In addition your skin pores gets blocked and when your skin can’t breath you feel dead. Which develop frustration, anger and depression. Your state of being reflects on the outside; through your attitude (transmitted energy) and what you attract (received energy)…In conclusion, not showering can cause a great harm to one self and to the entire world.


 To those who have Been suffering with depression for a very long time,
 YOU'RE NOT ALONE! yet just because it's common it doesn't mean you should accept it. 
Get yourself out, reflect on your lifestyle. 
Any exaggerated action can produce negative results.


Published by chasing28dreams

I was born the day all my fears died .

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