How to stop thinking/overthinking πŸ§˜πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸŒ»


If you’re suffering from overthinking it’s probably because you have made thinking a habit and to be honest with you there doesn’t exist a short cut to consciousness. Β  Consciousness is the state of being present at the moment, where you’re not thinking of the future or the past. Indeed not thinking all but just living the present moment with all your senses and concentration. The state of consciousness is reached through silencing the mind. But is meditation the only way to become conscious?


After years of working on my spiritual journey I discovered that being self conscious is intact very easy, it’s like a muscle; the more you access the field of awareness the easier it gets next time you want to access it. I see it as a two ways street, when you don’t think you shift into the now and when you think you shift into your bubble of illusion that is projected by your subconscious. here are some gateways that will instantly takeΒ you to the state of consciousness.

  1. physical activity.
  2. shifting Β your concentration into something outside of yourself, such as sounds.
  3. breathing with awareness.
  4. search for the silence into between the sounds.



Didn’t work?

It’s impossible to know the state of consciousness when you are thinking about it, because you can only experience consciousness and not perceive it.

Think of consciousness as a mystery, it’s the place where your true self exists and is experiencing the present reality that matters. Take it slow! keep shifting your focus outward and you will eventually become more aware of your surroundings.




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