Beyond the eyes


Everything so called “thing” can be called an event, because the motion of things (energy living) are events that are inseparable from the universe and time is only a matter of definition. We who give the definition to a begging and end of something, because really all we see is limited. The moment we can see something we think it exists right now, while in reality it have been existing all along.


The reason behind our ignorance about the unseen is that we don’t and can’t see everything as inseparable of everything. We see only bits and pieces at a time and believe that what we witnessed right now is separated from what we witnessed yesterday and what we will witness tomorrow.


Personalthy I think the idea of cause and effect is absurd. The nature of the universe is wholeness, everything exists with the absence of another. Both nothingness and something exists together with harmony to one another, in sequence to creat motion or what we so call a series of events.


Published by chasing28dreams

I was born the day all my fears died .

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