What happen at the state of enlightenment ⭐


The state of grace is also known as the state of light or enlightenment…Some call it the love of God, because of the light in it. However, the state of grace is the highest state of consciousness one can reach.  At this state of being your presence become intensely distractive with the high energy vibration (of Love and purity which is manifested through light). Negative people that are vibrating in lower energy field will not be able to withstand your vibration, thus will no longer be in your life.


Your sharp consciousness will protect you from the negative fields of others by raising the frequency of vibration. Such that anything vibration beneath you now exists in a virtually different order of reality. Furthermore, you will attract certain people who are enlightened and healed.


 Note: In the times of the prophets those who got attracted to the message of the massagers and seeked a religion were those of who had consciousness.  As you desire to help and have reached the state of compassion you will become blessed with those who are aligned with your vibration, who will receive your light and pass it on. 




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