Why you need to understand the theory of omniverse.šŸ‚šŸƒ

  The theory of paralle universes is also called omniverse, is a hypothetical group of multipleĀ universesĀ including theĀ universeĀ in which we live. Together,theseĀ universesĀ comprise everything that exists. If so is true, then the universe consist of multiple parallel realities, each reality representĀ a possibility. Your present choice is what determin your reality. Ā    change your destiny by justContinue reading “Why you need to understand the theory of omniverse.šŸ‚šŸƒ”

What happen at the state of enlightenment ā­

The state of grace is also known as the state of light or enlightenment…Some call it the love of God,Ā because of the light in it.Ā However, the state of grace is the highest state of consciousness one can reach.Ā  At this state of being your presence become intensely distractive with the high energy vibrationĀ (of Love andContinue reading “What happen at the state of enlightenment ā­”